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Your Building Assembly driven by data

Be Smart building Ready
from day Zero

Your building is at the heart of your organisation and you want to know how to manage & operate it in the best way.

 You want to create a Building Passport and know your building inside out. Next to a physical delivery of this building we need to have a good understanding of the digital representations of what we have in the real world.

 The value of your asset is directly connected with this digital version.

Material Assembly & Carbon reporting

Material & Carbon Assembly in your Asset Twin

Connecting insight about materials and their carbon footprint is a crucial for the impact we want to have as in industry.

The challenge is to create these carbon passports we have a lot of data searching to do in our spreadsheets, asking suppliers & contractors, diving into our emails,...

Fundamend can collect your relevant information for this goal connected to your existing BIM process. 

Saving time and cost to do data soul searching in scattered systems with different stakeholders.

As the resources of our planet is limited and we, as an industry have a huge impact on lowering Co2 Emissions, capturing insight is key. Granular information about how, where and how much of this resources are use in the physical world, is part of our industry responsibility.

Working closely with asset owners across asset classes we develop use cases around this topic.

The pillars we build upon are closely connected to the ESG & European Green Deal. As we are capturing more and more value in relation to the EU taxonomy in this early but accelerating urgency.


Sustainability is not about being green or ecological alone. But our natural and building resources are scarce.  For the construction industry, materials is an important aspect to take into consideration, next to energy use like electricity & water & emission from fossil fuels.

It’s about the efficient use, and re-usage of materials, components, and assets.


Construction today is all about adding value in the long term, developing infrastructure that sustains a way of living compatible with the future and creating digital and business ecosystems to realize this. That for one, is something we all learned from the pandemic. Imagine we did not have connectivity, or energy? 

What should our future world look like? How do we use and need spaces, infrastructure, connectivity?


There is a human or social aspect where we should take responsibility that critical assets are always available and safe. Nobody is in need for new dramas of collapsing bridges, parking lots, badly maintained cable elevators, ...

That social dimension is a third, important way of thinking. We gain insights through data, and we should use them to steer our decision in a more rational way.

Smart Asset

Smart Asset from day 0

We all expect our buildings and their assets like HVAC, sensors, access controls,... to be extremely smart so we have a building with brains.

 To reach this Alexa like building, we need to make the effort in organizing a perfect representation from the physical building in its static dimension. Fundamend can offer this static building assembly. It will lower the cost of implementing different tools and speed up the time to be operational. Fundamend has an API for connecting many solutions in the market and has a standardized way of handling information so any tools you want to use for your building operations, Fundamend can feed & connect with it.

Situation of building information

When buildings are delivered we often lack a perfect digital delivery of the project. That already gives you one step behind in offering your users a human centric building to work, live and play. Fundamend makes sure you have all relevant information about your building at your fingertips. A BIM driven digital copy offers possibilities to connect with any smart building service. So treating the digital version of your asset, like a real asset.

Combine & gather information from design, construction to use in operations

  • From creating a data driven insightful digital contract 
  • Over checking compliance with design and execution.
  • Providing all the data around products, materials and their quantities & costs. 
  • Towards providing all the granular and contextualised information you need for reporting for WELL, BREEAM and ESP reporting.

Case studies

Explore how Fundamend transformed the sustainable building solutions industry by enhancing data management and predictive analytics. By enriching Building Information Modeling (BIM) data, creating comprehensive Digital Twins, contextualizing sensor data, and streamlining data handover to Azure Digital Twins (ADT), Fundamend empowered companies to revolutionize energy efficiency and sustainability. This case study showcases the remarkable outcomes achieved through Fundamend's integration, leading to more informed and greener choices in the industry.

Read the Case study

Colruyt Group, a major Belgian retailer, partnered with Neanex to improve information management in a complex real estate project. They adopted Fundamend to integrate data about racks, components, and goods into 3D BIM models, streamlining planning and decision-making. The Proof of Concept demonstrated Fundamend's effectiveness in enhancing information management for Colruyt Group's project.

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