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Transforming Sustainable Building Solutions with Fundamend's Advanced Data Management


In the sustainable building solutions industry, companies understand the paramount importance of software in advancing sustainability and energy efficiency. These forward-thinking organizations, including a prominent software solutions providers, are at the forefront of bridging the gap between data and energy. Through innovative software platforms, they empower clients with sustainable energy solutions, enabling smarter, greener, and more cost-effective living and working environments.

Challenge of the Project:

To stay at the cutting edge of the industry, companies within sustainable building solutions sought to optimize their software platforms by creating comprehensive digital representations of buildings known as "Digital Twins." A crucial component of this endeavor was to enrich Building Information Modeling (BIM) data with Brick Schema and Real Estate Core, establishing a Graph database for a seamless asset management system. The overarching objective was to enable robust data analysis, automation, and predictive analytics to drive improvements in building energy efficiency, especially in dynamic data domains such as electricity consumption.

Fundamend's Solution:

In response to this challenge, the industry-leading solution provider, Fundamend, emerged as a pivotal partner in elevating the capabilities of software platforms within the sustainable building solutions sector.

How Fundamend Enhanced Data Management and Predictive Analytics:

  1. Enriching BIM Data: Fundamend's solution seamlessly enriches BIM data with Brick Schema and Real Estate Core, elevating data quality and standardization. This critical step lays a solid foundation for connected and coherent asset management systems. 
  2. Creating the Twin Asset: Fundamend's integration empowers companies and their clientele to effortlessly create comprehensive Digital Twin assets. These Digital Twins serve as meticulously organized inventories, encompassing all aspects of buildings, including rooms, technical installations, energy flows, meters, and submeters. This visual representation enhances data analysis capabilities significantly. 
  3. Data Contextualization for Predictive Analytics: Fundamend's solution plays a crucial role in contextualizing sensor data and time-series measurements collected by these companies. This contextualization seamlessly integrates expert knowledge within the Digital Twin framework, particularly in areas concerning electricity services and energy efficiency.
  4. Structured Data Handover to Azure Digital Twin (ADT): Fundamend ensures a smooth and structured handover of all relevant data from building projects to support operations. The focus lies on gathering and structuring "static" asset data, which is then seamlessly handed over as structured data to Azure Digital Twins (ADT). This conforms to the conceptual information models (DTDL ontologies), defining classes, relations, and properties.

With Fundamend's integration, we successfully created an advanced Digital Twin asset management system. This comprehensive system allows for efficient data analysis and predictive analytics, supporting our mission to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. Fundamend's solution has been pivotal in optimizing our software platform and empowering our customers to make smarter, greener choices.

Value Delivered:

The adoption of Fundamend's solution has led to remarkable outcomes for companies in the sustainable building solutions industry:

  • Empowered by Fundamend's integration, they have successfully established advanced Digital Twin asset management systems that facilitate efficient data analysis and predictive analytics.
  • As a result, there is an unprecedented improvement in energy efficiency, with a specific focus on electricity consumption.
  • Fundamend's solution has streamlined structured data handovers to Azure Digital Twins (ADT), boosting overall operational efficiency and supporting sustainability initiatives.

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