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From document to data centric

Data Driven
Building Information Management

In large infrastructure projects complexity is getting higher every day. Working with different contractors, engineering firms, operators, ... is a challenge in itself.

Making sure we are all aligned and in control of quantities, planning, design, execution and financials is impossible without having a single source of information. Fundamend built this backbone connected to your core tools so teams are not disrupted in their daily work.

Structure and connect information and data

Data Centric Asset Twin

Managing unstructured geometrical & meta data about your assets every step of the life cycle, is very time consuming. Fundamend can upload your IFC or native model & automatically link the relevant object data, documents & requirements.   Using reporting modules, you can create checks & validation of the status of your asset data.

What data can you combine in Fundamend?

  • 3D Models  ( IFC, Obj, native,..) 
  • Contract  Documents 
  • Cost  
  • Quantities 
  • Requirements 
  • Work Break Down & System Breakdown 
  • Libraries & Domain Standards 
  • QA/QC 
  • Sensor or SCADA Data 
  • Asset Data ...
  • GIS Data
  • .....

Combine & Get Insights

Fundamend is combining several data sources in a structured, standardized and open way so that project stakeholders can get the information and the insights that are relevant for them. 

Case studies

Explore our transformative case study showcasing the seamless integration of cutting-edge tools—Fundamend, Require Management, and Building Information Modeling (BIM)—in large-scale infrastructure projects. Witness how Neanex revolutionized data management, ensuring real-time collaboration, enhanced accuracy, and streamlined decision-making. Discover the power of unified data access, automated quality checks, and efficient collaboration tools that have redefined industry standards. Dive into the full case study to uncover innovative solutions shaping the future of infrastructure information management.

Read the Case Study

Learn how a construction firm improved asset information management with a specialized solution. By integrating a Data Dictionary from a prominent airport into their software, they automated asset classification, enhancing data accuracy and collaboration. Request the case study for insights into how this solution transformed their processes, improving efficiency and precision.

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