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From application & document centric to data driven 

Data Centric Asset Twin

As owner - operator you want to lower the operational cost and avoid risksTo do this you need to know what you have and where to focus on. You want to make sure that your assets are available and safe.  We have all created a data chaos & data legacy in mails, documents, ERP & operational systems.

Fundamend can support you in this journey to become data centric as a strong tool at any maturity level you are at.

Structure and connect asset information

Asset Twin to become scalable & flexible 

Managing unstructured geometrical & meta data about your assets every step of the life cycle, is very time consuming.

Fundamend can upload your IFC or native model & automatically link the relevant object data, documents & requirements.  

Using reporting modules, you can create checks & validation of the status of your asset data.

Benifits Fundamend


As an industry we are responsible for a large transition.

This means we need speed & quality to provide electrification and new low impact forms of energy. Sustainable information is a part of this shift.


As we work together with a large number of stakeholders, the cost for migrating information, ways of collaboration and reinventing the wheel over & over again is nog sustainable. Creating digital & economical ecosystems is the way forward.


We have shared responsibility to provide safe critical assets. Control over what we know and what we have and where to focus on is crucial. Insights & reporting should be based on data not on intuition alone.

Case studies

Discover how a prominent European electricity transmission system operator (TSO) overcame manual data processing and communication challenges by partnering with Fundamend. By implementing a transformative solution, the TSO streamlined information management processes, fostering seamless collaboration and enhancing project efficiency.

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Explore how Neanex conducted a Proof of Concept (PoC) using Fundamend, a data-centric solution, with a leading energy company referred to as "the customer." The customer faced data overload challenges with scattered information, inflexible systems, and limited collaboration. The PoC demonstrated Fundamend's potential benefits, including standardizing data, ensuring completeness, fostering collaboration, and streamlining data handover. This case study highlights the importance of a data-centric approach for efficient data management and collaboration in critical asset projects.

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