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Transforming Information Exchange with Fundamend: Empowering a Leading European Electricity Transmission System Operator (TSO)

General information:

Our client is a prominent European electricity transmission system operator (TSO). With a pivotal role in ensuring secure and reliable electricity transmission, they are actively integrating renewable energy sources. Boasting a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees, our client designs, builds, operates, and maintains high-voltage grids, including connections to offshore wind farms. Their revenue generation of approximately €4.1 billion underscores their significant contribution to the energy transition, grid stability, and renewable energy integration in the region.

Challenges in Information Management

The client embarked on a mission to optimize their information management processes, transitioning from traditional document-centric practices to a dynamic digital ecosystem for enhanced collaboration. They faced several challenges:

  1. Manual Effort: The existing document-based exchange of information required extensive manual processing, leading to inefficiencies and delays.
  2. Data Compatibility: Ensuring compatibility and consistency of data exchanged between different software systems used by the client and its partners.
  3. Communication: Enhancing communication and collaboration with partners to address questions, issues, and design reviews effectively.

The solution: Fundamend

In response to these challenges, the client partnered with Fundamend and implemented a transformative approach to information exchange. Fundamend offered a comprehensive suite of capabilities that addressed the client's needs:

  1. Linked Data and Ontologies: Fundamend enabled the establishment of a dynamic digital ecosystem grounded in linked data and ontologies. This framework allowed partners to access and process information using their preferred software systems seamlessly.
  2. Information Containers: Partners delivered as-designed or as-built data, classified according to the client's OTL (Object Type Library), via information containers. These containers contained alphanumeric data, geometry data, and related documents, ensuring data integrity and consistency.
  3. Centralized Platform: Fundamend served as a centralized platform for the client to review partner submissions and manage information effectively. It provided an overview of available data, facilitating design reviews and ensuring data completeness and progress tracking.
  4. BCF Integration: Communication and issue management were significantly enhanced with BCF integration. Questions or issues created in Fundamend using BCF could be exchanged between the client and partners seamlessly, fostering collaboration and streamlining issue resolution.
  5. Embedded BI Dashboards: Fundamend featured embedded business intelligence (BI) dashboards, offering insights into data completeness and progress. This feature empowered the client to monitor project status effectively, facilitating informed decision-making.

Achieved Results

The implementation of Fundamend's capabilities yielded substantial benefits for the client:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: The shift from document-centric to linked data-based exchange significantly reduced manual effort, optimizing data processing efficiency and accelerating project timelines. 
  2. Seamless Collaboration: Partners could access and process data within their preferred software systems, fostering smooth collaboration and eliminating data compatibility challenges.  
  3. Improved Communication: Leveraging Fundamend and BCF integration, the client bolstered communication, streamlined design reviews, and enhanced issue management with partners, resulting in improved project outcomes.  
  4. Greater Visibility: Fundamend's embedded BI dashboards provided the client with a comprehensive view of data completeness and progress, empowering them to monitor project status effectively and make data-driven decisions.


Fundamend's implementation empowered our client to streamline processes, enhance partner collaboration, and drive efficiency in managing their assets and information exchange. As they continue their journey towards digital transformation, Fundamend remains a valuable partner, enabling them to unlock new capabilities and achieve their strategic objectives in the evolving energy landscape.

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