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Use BIM for contract compliance

Combine contract and BIM

BIM to empower being compliant

As we are struggling with the exponential data overload we are not able to see where we are compliant in our design with the requirements of the contract.

Fundamend brings the world of contract and design together without disrupting your process and by offering the right data in your own context. 

 Use dashboards & monitoring tools in Fundamend to see how complete your project data is and how for we are from digital delivery

Digital Contract

It al starts with moving away from excel & spreadsheets, documents, emails and pdfs to manage the detailed contract or requirements. Use a data driven accessible contract as a good starting point to have good insight in what the project is all about.

Use work breakdown structures to  view and show your requirements in different contexts.

From engineering, electrical, architectural and object based views.  Structure it all with  your own or domain standard typologies or asset lay out.

Contract compliancy every step of an assets life 

An asset leaves a data trail, Fundamend captures this trail for you

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