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Standards & Libraries

Standardization for flexibility

If we want to reach data driven control, we need to standardize.

We use ontologies, libraries & domain standards. 

Fundamend organises and enriches your project data and in this way makes your data and your project future proof.

 In this agnostic data approach we are unique as your data is not locked in & ready to use at all times for every process or tool.

From the Building Smart Data Dictionnary, to your OTL, Uniclass or NLsFB, ...other domain standards as RDSPP or no strangers to us. 

Fundamend can handle different classification systems at once. And deliver information in different standards. Using RDF & Linked Data driven way of working we have an open data system that keeps your information ready for the future.

Collaboration with Linked Data Library Managers like Laces or open source solutions enlarges the potential across projects.