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Enrich your Building Information Model

BIM is more than a 3D model

Building Information Management is all about bringing the right information together. It is more than a nice CAD model in 3D,but needs data from different tools & processes.

Fundamend offers a one-stop-shop for your data organisation in your BIM process. With the off-the-shelf connection with CAD tools you are all set to go from day one.  We have plugs ins & API driven solutions.

You can grow as you go by adding cost, time, work packages, material data or data from QA/QC tooling.

By using Fundamend you can link and structure these different information views with the object at the core.

Moving from file based data management to data driven and object driven.

Digital handovers can be organised with geometrical data in IFC or native files and data in data drops in open formats from excel to JSON, JSON- LD, or what ever data container standard format you use.

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