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Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital Twin driven from BIM

Digital twins help in monitoring real-time asset performance for optimizing asset management and improve facility process.

As we are looking more and more to have one single source of truth that supplies information for all kind of use cases and powerful apps of the end users, Fundamend works as a  Asset Twin.

We focus on keeping your asset information up to date to support all kind of use cases like smart building applications, prepare inspections,  prepare new projects,...

Feeding your existing asset management systems like Planon, IBM, or other Building Operating Systems is just one way to use Fundamend. 

Speeding up these tools with Fundamend feeding them with the right information. But also use Fundamend to capture the data for these tools straight from the BIM process in design & excecution. 

Also showing dynamic data in Fundamend straight from your IoT or sensorplatform and using the BIM viewer as a intuitive way of data insight.