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Fundamend is out!

Neanex Portal becomes
Fundamend !


Since 2019, Neanex has helped AECO companies & professionals at  large scale engineering & construction projects  to work in a data-driven way. This by advising and supporting them in various areas of digital transformation.  Neanex helps its customers with services related to information management, process management, configuration management and digital maturity (within the AECO-industry) .

The Neanex Portal

Within the delivery of these services and working alongside these AECO teams, we were solving the same problem over and over again;

  •  information is locked up in tools & data formats or documents, 
  • data is complex to share or handover, 
  • and quality & quantity control of information is lost along the way. 

The idea was born to provide customers with a solution that links data from concept into design; so linking of contract requirements with 3D modelling tools like CAD & BIM tools.  In this way Neanex gives users from both perspectives more context, control & insight to make better & quicker decisions.

It soon became clear that a simple integration between some single tools had to grow across lifecycles and use case, to bring even more sustainable value a long the stakeholders in the industry. This solution could meet the customers needs in a sustainable way and offer impact not only on operational excellence but on lowering OPEX and opening doors for ESG related challenges to be solved. This finding resulted in developing our own solution, the Neanex Portal.

This Digital Twin or Digital Asset Register, is the only BIM driven web based platform that combines, structures, enriches & hands over data with a best of breed approach. After recognitions on BIM awards & EU Innovation quality label for being key innovator in this space we kept on building with large scale projects from Besix, Tennet, Heijmans, Waternet,...

A Portal where all relevant static project information of an asset can be brought together 

  • in a reliable way,
  • with the possibility to add information in a user-friendly way,
  • with the possibility of efficiently passing on data or making it available to others & other tools.
  • All to provide data driven insights.


Over the past years it became clear that Neanex can support  many different use cases with the same technology (Asset Twin, Digital twin register, As built handover, Contract compliance, Quantity Take off, Materials assembly, Design Review are only some of the roles we fulfill  , …).

Due to the growth of the services on the one hand, and due to the increasing interest in the Neanex Portal on the other hand, Neanex decided to take a step forward by developing a new generation of the Neanex Portal that will be even more powerful, faster and more intuitive.

FundAmend as strong foundation
 for further growth

Our new brand consists of ' fund' for foundation of all critical assets in the built environment

 & amend, from to amend, 
make better every step of the way, add value,
make more granular, more complete.